What will you do with my money?

We will use it to keep the library building open and thriving. As a registered charity our vision is to have a professionally staffed and properly stocked library at the heart of a community learning hub.

To do this we need to supplement the funds supplied by Lambeth and Croydon councils.   Your pledge will be used for essential things such as:

  • Staff salaries
  • Electricity, heat and light
  • Building maintenance
  • Costs of maintaining the Trust’s computer system
  • Supporting IT and learning provision in the library building
  • Supporting the cost of open groups and regular activities at the library building aimed mainly at local people
  • Accounts, administration and filing costs of running the charitable Trust. Wherever possible these legal requirements are undertaken by volunteers to keep costs to a minimum,

Are you a registered charity?

Yes, the trust’s charity number is 1151668

Who are you?

We are a group of local residents – previously part of the Save the Library Campaign – who have set up a Trust (registered charity no 1151668)  in order to secure a 21st century library with professional staff and a properly stocked library hosted as a part of a vibrant community learning hub. We are all volunteers and have no financial interest in the library building.

All our details are here

What are you doing?

We are negotiating the best possible deal with the funding councils but we need the wholehearted support of the local community to be able to deliver the service you deserve. We will take over the building on July 1, 2016 and until then we are running various pilot projects to evaluate ways to raise revenue and ways to serve the local community.

I heard the library was closing?

No – the library building is being handed over to the Trust from July 1, 2016. Lambeth will be providing the library service and the Trust will be providing cultural and educational activities as a community hub, in order to sustain the library building for future generations.

What will happen to the staff?

We don’t know yet – they are currently talking about all their options with Lambeth. But we do know that Lambeth will be providing library staff  in the building for 35 hours a week. We intend to have our own professional staff, as well as volunteers, in the building to run the community hub and our cultural and educational activities.

Will I still be able to come to Waggle and Hum (or other activities)?

We want to run as many activities as possible, with the help of paid staff, volunteers and through other sources.

How does your work connect with the Campaign?

We have all been involved in campaigning over the last few years –  as the library is no longer threatened with closure the Trust is now concentrating on tough negotiations with both local authorities to get the best possible outcome for the local community. We have already secured an additional £100,000 over two years to fund the Trust’s activities.

How long will you be able to do this for?

We have funding for two years – a total of £170,000 per year –  and will negotiate with the councils to extend that. We have to make our income sustainable from other sources so we’re not so dependent on council funding.

Doesn’t the council just want to sell off the building?

They’ve said they want to retain their building, and we want to run a community hub and library that is so successful they won’t ever want or need to sell it off.

When can I volunteer?

For the Trust, after July 1, 2016.

What hours will the library be open?

We plan, when we take over the building, to extend opening hours. They will be:

Monday closed

Tuesday – Saturday: 10am – 6pm

Sunday: 11am – 4pm

Shouldn’t we insist the Council keeps a well stocked and staffed statutory library in Upper Norwood?

Lambeth and Croydon Councils have made a decision to offer the building for community management. Against a backdrop of local council shortfalls everywhere, we feel the most practical thing we can do, to safeguard the library building, is to start work to make this a viable reality.

How much do you need to raise to make community management work?

About £170,000 at a minimum would make our current business plan viable.  100 local supporters at £100 would raise up to £12,500 a year with gift aid: 200 could raise up to £25,000.  That kind of demonstration that local people value the Trust’s work will be very important in persuading other potential funders to make up the difference.


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