Upper Norwood Library by Richard Calvert

Refurbishment news – FAQs

January-June 2017

Frequently asked questions:

Q               How long will the refurbishment last?

A               The refurbishment will last for 5 months, split in two phases.

Phase 1 (top floor) starts on 29th January and is due to be completed mid-March. During this phase, there will be no access to the upstairs area.

Phase 2 (the ground floor and basement) starts mid-March and should be completed in time for Summer. During this phase, there won’t be any access to the downstairs library and basement, but there will be access to the upstairs of the building and to the front coffee shop.

Q               How much disruption will there be?

A               The Library Hub building is undergoing a full refurbishment to ensure the building in a good state of repair to serve the community for many years to come.  Unfortunately, this will cause a temporary disruption to library and Hub services.  However, the Upper Norwood Library Trust and Hub staff will be working hard to keep disruption to a minimum.

Q               Which services will be disrupted?

A               Most Hub activities will continue as normal, although these will need to move to different parts of the building as the building works progress. Please check the Facebook page or website for details.

Q               What about the library service?

A               During phase 1 the books from the reference library upstairs will be taken off-site, but the library service will remain open on the ground floor.  Then, for the duration of phase 2 from March 20th until the finish of the works, the library service and computer access will be temporarily suspended. We know how important this service is to the community but due to the health and safety considerations, no access into the downstairs section of the building can be recommended during this time. However, Lambeth Library Services will provide a book cart of picture books (under 5s) from 10am – 12 noon every Tuesday and Thursday in the Methodist Church next to Iceland, to coincide with their Wriggle and Rhyme sessions.

If people have any concerns and need to speak to Lambeth Libraries, please email or call LL headquarter number 020 7926 0750 (number on library card)

Q               What access to the building will there be during phase 2?

A               The ground floor and basement areas will be closed to the public, but there will be access to the upstairs and foyer area, where Norville’s will still be serving coffee and food.

Q               Will I be able to return my books whilst the library is shut during phase 2?

A               Yes you will be able to return books in a drop box provided by Lambeth Libraries. This will be located on the site somewhere at the Library Hub and content will be regularly collected by a member of the Lambeth Library team.

Q               Will I get fined if I return my books late as a result of the disruption?

A               No you will not incur any fine if the late return of your books is due to the disruption of the refurbishment

Q               Will the wooden floor remain?

A               Yes, the wooden parquet flooring on the ground floor will remain.

Q               Will the coffee shop remain?

A               Yes, if possible Norville’s will remain open throughout; Tuesdays to Saturdays, 10am -5.30pm. It will also open on Sundays if there is an event, but will be closed on other Sundays.

Q               Will the layout change at all?

A               No, the internal layout of the building will remain the same.

Q               Will there still be computer access?

A               During phase there will be reduced access, as we will have access to fewer computers. During phase 2 of the refurbishment unfortunately, there won’t be any access to the computers

Q               What about the Norwood Society’s historical records?

A               We are in discussion with the Norwood Society to discuss where best to store their local records.

Q               Where can I find out more?

A               We will be updating the website regularly, posting on Facebook and Twitter and staff in the library hub will be able to advise as work progresses.

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